Frequent Asked Questions

Issue with your merchandise order? Please contact with your full name, reference number & email address.

Merch Questions

1. Can I purchase merch without buying a ticket?

Sorry, no. All merch items are exclusive to the event and are available for ticket purchasers only.

2. What if I want to buy multiple items with my ticket?

Prior to October 31st, all merch items will be bundled with a ticket. When you add a ticket or bundle to your cart, you’ll be able to add-on extra items individually (without having to purchase multiple tickets).

Limited items (vinyl and autographed poster) are not available as add-ons.

From the premiere of the livestream on October 31st through November 3rd, once you login to your account (meaning you have already bought a ticket), you’ll have the chance again to purchase merch items individually.

3. How long will the merch be on sale?

Items that have not yet sold out will be available to purchase through November 3rd. After November 3rd, these merch items will no longer be available.

4. When will I receive my merch?

All items will ship mid-November from the U.S. Please allow 2 weeks for delivery of domestic shipments and 4-6 weeks for international shipments (customs office processing can be slow).

5. I have a problem with my order.

Please contact with your full name, reference number & email address and we'll sort it out.

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